• July 2013 – Citizen 39 Update

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    Six months since my February 2013 update. Six months since any real activity on the blog should tell you a lot about how busy I’ve been.

    The contract that I started at the beginning of the year is ending on August 1st (this Friday). It’s been a crazy first two quarters, and a lot has been achieved. The strategic plan that was executed early on in the year is certainly showing a great return today. The networking and marketing efforts has set Citizen39 up for a great deal of work in the next half of the year.

    We’ve already started a couple of other new contacts, and have two more that are approved but waiting for agreements/contracts to be signed off. The expected upcoming work includes a variety of things, such as; SharePoint deployments, custom software and database development, and web and eCommerce work.

    Sales and Marketing

    For this next quarter, the focus will be on sales and marketing. Interesting is that the company did not have to do much sales and marketing to get the business it is getting today. Companies are coming to us for help, which is nice.

    We’re about to engage a resource for the development of a marketing plan, and then we’ll be executing on it shortly thereafter. Considering how busy we already are with the work we have, a solid sales and marketing strategy is going to rocket the company towards even more success.

    Capacity Planning

    Speaking of hiring resources, a strategic goal this quarter is to bring on some like-minded folks to help Citizen39 grow. Interested?

    We need people who are passionate about helping other people. SharePoint, Office 365, and web application development are all areas of fast growth for us. Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Senior Systems Analysts are what we need. We’ll pay you well, but more importantly, you’ll become a core member of the Citizen39 family, and will enjoy the benefits and rewards that employee ownership brings.

    Interested? Call me directly at +1 (780) 893-5300!

  • Part-time Instructors Required

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    As some of you may already know, along with my full time day gig, I am a part-time instructor at NAIT. I teach technology classes at NAIT, delivering content on topics such as SharePoint and C#.

    NAIT is looking for instructors for their part-time Fall and Winter (and beyond) programs and courses. Courses are typically technical in content, such as C#, vb.Net, SharePoint Development, and ASP.Net for example. A typical course will involve 14 hours of total instruction, spread out over a few nights, a couple of days, or even on a weekend. If you are interested in delivering a courses such as this, then let me know.

    Teaching at NAIT is very rewarding. Not only do you get to instill your wisdom on others, you get paid quite well for it too. If you are interested in hearing more about this, let me know. I am more than happy to tell you more about what is involved with delivering a course at NAIT, and just how easy it is to do.

    Feel free to contact me via email at Paul.Patterson@Citizen39.com , or call me directly at (780) 893-5300 to learn more.


  • Teaching C# At NAIT

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    Looks like I’ll soon achieve one of the goals I’ve set for 2014 – to teach a .Net related development course!

    I received a call this morning from my friends at NAIT. Seems the instructor for this weekend’s C# course is ill, so I’ve been asked to take on the task of instructing the course. I hope the original instructor gets well soon.

    Hey, if you happen to be at or near the NAIT HP Centre this weekend, pop on by the room and say hello. You’ll find which room I am in by checking the screens near continuing education office in the HP Centre. 

  • I’ll be teaching SharePoint Foundations at NAIT

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    NAITSharePointFoundationHey all, I’ll be at NAIT on March 5th and 6th teaching SharePoint Foundations  (SharePoint 2010).

    If you happen to be in the neighborhood, and want to chat, stop on by during one the breaks and say hello!


  • February 2014 – Citizen39 Update

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    The end of February is near, and Spring is just around the corner. Don’t let the -33C weather fool you here. I am optimistic that the warming trend is going to start happening soon!

    A number of weeks have passed since the last update, and a lot has happened. So let me fill you in on some of what I have been doing since, and what I plan on doing moving forward…

    More Focus

    It’s easy to get excited and engaged when doing things you are passionate about. But what about those tasks that don’t seem to stir up those same meaningful and engaging emotions, but are seemingly tedious and necessary – like getting homework for a school subject you don’t enjoy.

    In my last update I mentioned that I was going to work on my “focus” muscle, so that I can be more effective and efficient with how I tackle those tasks that I don’t necessarily get excited about doing. The approach I am taking combines a bit of what I have learned about each of; managing priorities, creating habits, and emotional intelligence. Without spending hours writing a giant article about all this, I’ll just leave at this, and hope that one day you and I will have a one-on-one discussion about all this. 


    Every conversation I’ve had with seasoned business owners and experts, and every book I’ve read about business, strategy, and success, all have the same over arching message. That message is that a business must have a clear and articulate vision.

    I have a vision for Citizen39, one that I have had for a number of months, but recently I didn’t know how to really express what that vision is. In fact, a few months ago when someone asked me what my vision for Citizen39 is, I stumbled awkwardly with a long winded explanation of what I wanted the company to do and the customers that I wanted serve. My explanation was more of a justification for starting a business, rather than a painted picture of what Citizen39 is going to be. I have that vision, but at the time, I didn’t know how to paint that picture of what that vision is.

    It’s different today. I can easily paint that picture now. In fact just last night I was able to look a friend of mine in the eye and, in once short but precise sentence, paint that picture of my vision for Citizen39. It felt easy to say, and it felt right… and enough said about that.


    This later part of February has already had me doing some networking. A highlight so far is my participation in the Edmonton Journal’s Capital Ideas events. In a February event titled “What business technology do you swear by” a panel of three entrepreneurs answered questions about their challenges with technology, and how they solved those challenges. I was one of two people who was fortunate enough to ask a question. And then to top it off, I ended up getting a small featured quote within today’s (February 26th)  Edmonton Journal. This feature included my name, name of the company, and Citizen39 web site address – a good shot in the arm for marketing ;-)

    The rest of this first quarter will see me do a lot more marketing, including more networking at business events. I’ll be joining the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce soon, as well as signing up with a local business association here in town. Combining those associations with the technology specific presentations I have been doing, and the teaching at the local polytechnic school I’m scheduled to do, I should be able generate a few more leads and opportunities.

    Other than that, lots of other little things happening. All important of course, and I would love to chat about them in person. If you are interested in a conversation about any of this, I’d love to connect and chat.

    Still loving the journey!

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