• Why I Love Office 365

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    Being a registered Microsoft Partner comes with some great privileges. Of course, we have to pay for the partner membership, but none the less the benefits of the partnership far outweigh the costs.


    One of those benefits includes access to an Office 365 subscription. In Citizen39’s case, an Enterprise E3 subscription to Office 365.  This E3 subscription is way more than what my small business needs, however it is important that Citizen39 walk the talk when it comes to marketing the services that Citizen39 offers. So, with our own Office 365 subscription, we can clearly demonstrate to clients that, in fact, we use Office 365 ourselves.

    Citizen39 gains an important trusting relationship with our customers when we demonstrate that Citizen39 runs it’s business in the cloud. It is often the demonstration of our own Office 365 implementation that gives customers that real-world understanding of how to solve their own problems. Quite often our customers will relate to the same business problems that Citizen39 has had, and we can then show them how easy those problems were solved by using our own Office 365 subscription.

    These next few sections provide an real-world look into how we use Office 365, and how we are using Office 365 to overcome past business challenges.

    Our Top 5 Office 365 Features

    With so many great features in Office 365 it would be ridiculous to expect that we would use every single one of them. Here is what we use today, and what we expect most other customers will get the quickest return on.

    1. Email

    We used to manage our email, including calendars, using Google Apps. As a small business, Gmail was a great tool. It is free and is simple to use. If there was one challenge with Google Apps is that it was expensive to maintain. By expensive, I mean it time to administer a Google Apps based email account. If your a person who does not have that experience nor comfort for administering things in Google Apps, then you’ll quickly find that the time quickly adds up – and time is money.OutlookEmailScreenshot

    We now use the enterprise class email services that come with Office 365 subscriptions, including the use of both the downloadable Outlook email client, and the online email tools. What’s more is that we have found that setting up and managing email accounts in Office 365 is much easier that Google Apps – and our customers are telling us the same.

    With the ability to use the email tools on all of our desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, we are always connected whether we are at our desk, or out at customers sites, online or offline. This includes the calendaring features too, which has been huge for us.

    2. Calendar and People

    OutlookCalendarScreenshotAlbeit the Office 365 Calendar and People are generally grouped in with email features, we feel these two features should be in there own grouping. The Calendar and People features provide us a huge boost in productivity when we are dealing with our stakeholder relationships. Again, these can all be integrated, and synchronized, with other features – such as automatically synchronizing with your contacts in Outlook.

    3. Word, Excel, PowerPoint

    We’ve always used Microsoft Office products. Yeah, there are other free tools too, like the similar functioning Google Apps that are out there, however with the tight integration, or “interoperability”, that each Office product has with each other has provided us a great deal of value with our own business processes. WordScreenshot

    A great example of how this Office interoperability has helped is how we process monthly billings. We manage employee timesheets using SharePoint (the “Team Site(s)” in Office 365), which is integrated with Excel and Word. Most of our month-end invoicing processes are now automated, which proves to be a huge value for us.

    4. SharePoint

    We can’t say enough good things about SharePoint. Gone are the days of shared drives, disconnected and unsynchronized Drop Box and Google Drive accounts. SharePoint has allowed use to have a single source of truth for all of our information, for all of our stakeholders.

    From documents to customized lists of data. We leverage SharePoint to collaborate both internally, as well as externally with our stakeholders. SharePointScreenShotFor example, we create SharePoint sites for our customers so that they can easily collaborate with us on their project information. Combine the great integration with the other Office tools, we often collaborate in real-time; dynamically updating documents (like the way Google Docs does) and holding online screen sharing meetings.

    And because Citizen39 has SharePoint development expertise, we are always finding new and intuitive ways to solve problems with SharePoint.

    5. Yammer

    Not many of our customers know about Yammer… yet. YammerScreenshot

    Yammer brings more social aspects to what we do when we collaborate, especially with customers. Yammer is one of those features that will really drives engagement with our customers. Where SharePoint is what we use to manage and collaborate on information, Yammer is what we use to engage our stakeholders with that same information.

    So there you have it. Still on the fence? Let me know what your thoughts are about Office 365.





  • ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch

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    This is a great video case study from ComponentOne. If you were ever on the fence about LightSwitch, this may help…


  • Part-Time C# and SharePoint Instructors Needed

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    The Fall season is quickly approaching, and NAIT is still in need of part-time instructors (see here).

    Even if you don’t think you have the ability to teach, you do. Most of the material is laid out for you and ready for you to deliver. All you need to do is show up, champion something that you have a passion for, and have great conversations with new friends.

    I am more than happy to share my experience with you, and even mentor you on how to deliver a class. The money is great, and the experience will be something that will pay dividends for your career and personal goals.

    Example Classes

    Take a look here for examples of the classes you may be interested in delivering…

    Call me at 1 780 893-5300 and I will be more than happy to chat about what this opportunity can mean for you.

  • July 2013 – Citizen 39 Update

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    Six months since my February 2013 update. Six months since any real activity on the blog should tell you a lot about how busy I’ve been.

    The contract that I started at the beginning of the year is ending on August 1st (this Friday). It’s been a crazy first two quarters, and a lot has been achieved. The strategic plan that was executed early on in the year is certainly showing a great return today. The networking and marketing efforts has set Citizen39 up for a great deal of work in the next half of the year.

    We’ve already started a couple of other new contacts, and have two more that are approved but waiting for agreements/contracts to be signed off. The expected upcoming work includes a variety of things, such as; SharePoint deployments, custom software and database development, and web and eCommerce work.

    Sales and Marketing

    For this next quarter, the focus will be on sales and marketing. Interesting is that the company did not have to do much sales and marketing to get the business it is getting today. Companies are coming to us for help, which is nice.

    We’re about to engage a resource for the development of a marketing plan, and then we’ll be executing on it shortly thereafter. Considering how busy we already are with the work we have, a solid sales and marketing strategy is going to rocket the company towards even more success.

    Capacity Planning

    Speaking of hiring resources, a strategic goal this quarter is to bring on some like-minded folks to help Citizen39 grow. Interested?

    We need people who are passionate about helping other people. SharePoint, Office 365, and web application development are all areas of fast growth for us. Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Senior Systems Analysts are what we need. We’ll pay you well, but more importantly, you’ll become a core member of the Citizen39 family, and will enjoy the benefits and rewards that employee ownership brings.

    Interested? Call me directly at +1 (780) 893-5300!

  • Part-time Instructors Required

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    As some of you may already know, along with my full time day gig, I am a part-time instructor at NAIT. I teach technology classes at NAIT, delivering content on topics such as SharePoint and C#.

    NAIT is looking for instructors for their part-time Fall and Winter (and beyond) programs and courses. Courses are typically technical in content, such as C#, vb.Net, SharePoint Development, and ASP.Net for example. A typical course will involve 14 hours of total instruction, spread out over a few nights, a couple of days, or even on a weekend. If you are interested in delivering a courses such as this, then let me know.

    Teaching at NAIT is very rewarding. Not only do you get to instill your wisdom on others, you get paid quite well for it too. If you are interested in hearing more about this, let me know. I am more than happy to tell you more about what is involved with delivering a course at NAIT, and just how easy it is to do.

    Feel free to contact me via email at Paul.Patterson@Citizen39.com , or call me directly at (780) 893-5300 to learn more.


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