• WordPress Backup – IDrive Plugin

    Posted Feb 28th, 2011 By in WordPress With | 6 Comments WordPress Backup – IDrive Plugin

    The online backup service IDrive.com offers up to 2GB of online backup for your WordPress site – for free. Using the free IDrive WordPress plugin, the iDrive online backup service could be a very attractive backup option for WordPress users.

  • Entity Framework 4 and SQL UniqueIdentifier Bug

    Posted Feb 25th, 2011 By in .Net Development With | 8 Comments Entity Framework 4 and SQL UniqueIdentifier Bug

    For the last little while I’ve been banging my head against the desk, trying to figure out an issue when creating records that used a SQL UniqueIdentifier data type. It turns out that the issues I experienced resulted from a bug, or “undocumented feature”, in the way Visual Studio builds entities for a Entity Framework …

  • WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt”

    Posted Feb 24th, 2011 By in WordPress With | No Comments WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt”

    WordPress 3.1, code named “Reinhardt”, has just been released and if you haven’t already updated your installation, I suggest you do. ¬†Here are a couple of noteworthy updates that have impressed me…

  • WPF Enter Key Input Binding

    Posted Feb 16th, 2011 By in .Net Development With | 5 Comments WPF Enter Key Input Binding

    Probably has been out there for years now, but something I recently had to implement and is really handy to use (and I need to document so I don’t forget). It’s a simple little way of determining if a particular key is pressed in an input control, and then binding that to an existing command.

  • Ashley and Pete

    Posted Feb 14th, 2011 By in Photography With | No Comments Ashley and Pete

    Ashley and Pete warmed our hearts during the frigid January temperatures of an engagement photo session. As an assistant to Linda (www.TimelessEdge.com), I was fortunate enough for the opportunity to capture a few of their moments.

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