• December 2013 – Citizen39 Update

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    Happy holiday seasons everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful December.

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    My excuse for not shoveling the snow on my walk was the new XBox One I found under the Christmas tree. Previous to Christmas day I worked very hard, putting in a lot of hours so that I could make the time to spend with my family on the 25th. Between the Xbox, the turkey dinner with family, and lounging around the house in my massive new bath robe, Christmas day was great!

    For all of last week I was able to work remotely from home. I typically work on site at my current customer’s downtown office, however last week had most of the office empty because of the holidays. With some remote desktop access I was able to log in from the home office. I still got up, showered, and made myself up for the office, but enjoyed the short commute to the downstairs office. A hike to the bust stop would have been tough on some of those days because of some very cold weather. With only a few steps to the kitchen coffee machine, and the warmth of a monstrous new bath robe, I was pretty comfortable cutting code from my home office.

    Back to Business

    Since my last post I’ve made a great deal more progress with bootstrapping the company, and the strategic planning that goes along with it. Some of the highlights of this months accomplishments include;

    • Incorporation – Registration, Legal
    • Financials – Banking, Accounting, Budgeting, Records Keeping
    • Strategic Planning – Q1 Priorities, Goals
    • Partnerships – Microsoft (naturally!)
    • Operations – Email, CRM, Intranet

    For the next few weeks, I plan to take care of:

    • Licensing – Municipal Business License
    • Marketing – Planning, Networking, Web Site

    So far so good. There have been a few challenges, but nothing that could not be figured out and resolved.

    Strategic Planning

    I am taking a S.M.A.R.T. approach to my strategic planning, which includes diligently measuring and monitoring the results of the goals being set. In the new year I will be engaging some experts for advice on strategic planning. There are people who have been there and done that, and their insight will go along way in validating the strategic plan.

    Loving the challenge!

    journeySuccess is a Journey, Not a destination.

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    My name is Paul Patterson and I am a software developer who has a keen interest in technology, including; open source, .Net, and anything Interweb. When not crafting some code, I can be found learning something new about photography. As well, I occasionally escape to the "music room" with my guitars to practice a few scales and then jam with my favourite FM radio stations.

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