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    Trust – It’s A Core Value

    Just as I believe in the importance of having measurable goals, I also believe in the importance of defining core values. Core values are the fundamental beliefs that drive the decisions that you make and the actions that you take. Trust is a personal, and company, core value that is a pillar to how I conduct myself personally and professionally, and how I measure the my decisions that I make.

    I have seen way too many organizations claim to one thing, yet demonstrate that they are something else. Saying one thing and doing another certainly will not instill trust. If you can do what you say, and meet my expectations, then you are on a good path to gaining my trust. If you tell me that you are going to do one thing, and then do something that does not meet my expectations, then you are going to have to work much harder to gain my trust – or I will just cut you loose if the risk is too much for me. 

    Seeing is Believing

    Showing the value of what Citizen39 can deliver is the easy part; for me anyway. Gaining a client’s trust is where most of the work is going to happen. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that people will engage you first, before the other, if they trust you more – even if you cost more than the other.

    One of the first decisions I made for my company is to make sure that it not only tells the world what the business can do for them (the value proposition), but show it at the same time. “Are you Eating your own dog food?” is a question I ask myself while I work through my own business marketing plans.

    Citizen39 is cloud computing consultancy specializing in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Windows Azure. So what better way to prove this than to immediately demonstrate to people that, in fact, the company is all-in on the same technologies as those the company claims to specialize in.  Here’s how;

    • Establish presence on the Microsoft Partner Network (done)
    • Q2 goal to become a Microsoft Cloud Essentials partner, with a Q4 goal of becoming a Cloud Accelerate partner (in process)
    • Office 365 Enterprise account (done)
    • Windows Azure subscription that includes example solutions (done)
    • SharePoint Online with company intranet and customer facing portals (done)
    • Citizen39 company web site using SharePoint Online (in process)


    Creating the Office 365 account, and then creating the SharePoint Online infrastructure was very easy. Creating all the sites, adding the “applications”, and then seeing how much value is being realized from using Office 365, is all great information I can use when marketing and prospecting. I really look forward to getting you there and being able to get in front of people and show them that my company is actually using what I sell!


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    My name is Paul Patterson and I am a software developer who has a keen interest in technology, including; open source, .Net, and anything Interweb. When not crafting some code, I can be found learning something new about photography. As well, I occasionally escape to the "music room" with my guitars to practice a few scales and then jam with my favourite FM radio stations.

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