• January 2014 – Citizen39 Update

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    Yet another great couple of weeks into the journey!

    Accomplishments this past couple of weeks include; more operational infrastructure, the execution of some key pieces to the strategic plan, and some marketing work. All this while still maintaining a solid stream of revenue over the holiday season.

    Of the many new things I’ve experienced in this portion of the journey, one of the things I’ve learned is the importance of focus. I have great ideas flying in and out of my head all the time. It can be difficult for me to concentrate on something when the-next-big-thing comes into mind – which happens often. One of my personal goals for this year is to train myself on how to better focus. So with that, I’ve taken to finding resources to help me to learn how to better focus.

    Train Your Focus Muscle

    Randy Taylor, a leadership speaker and coach, put it into great perspective when he said that learning to focus is like building a muscle – you need to train it so that it becomes strong. Randy suggests a great strategy of training your focus “muscle”. Start by writing down a task, and then each day spend 5 minutes on focusing on that task, wiping away whatever may come into mind to constrain that focus for the task. After a week of doing this each day, increase the focus by 5 minutes. In a few months of that focus workout, that focus muscle should become pretty strong, allowing that focus to become something that can be turned on at will.


    I’ve already started this strategy of training my focus muscle. Combining this with my new found understanding of emotional intelligence, and I am feeling pretty empowered right now!

    By the way, Randy is an amazing speaker. I recommend you, at the very least, learn more about Randy from his blog at taylormadeleadership.com/blog .

    What’s Next

    I have a couple of opportunities that I am going to followup on this week. Each of these are for Office 365 and SharePoint. All that volunteering and networking I did last year has certainly helped build relationships that are already leading to opportunities.

    The remaining part of January will also see me continue on with more (business) infrastructure work and planning. I’m scheduled to present at a January 29th Edmonton .Net User Group meetup. I’ll be presenting Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch, but more importantly, I’ll be able to try out my Citizen39 “elevator pitch” in front of a captive audience 😉 If you’re in Edmonton on the night of January 29th, pop on by to the meetup and say hello.

    Until next time, have a great and prosperous beginning to the 2014!



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