• The 2013 Fall Season

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    It’s been awhile since posting, so to kick things off again for the blog, here’s a summary of how the Fall 2013 season is shaping up. E-Town Festival A couple weeks ago I volunteered for the E-Town Festival. E-Town is a  “…conference where educators meet entrepreneurs, explorers meet economists, and evangelists meet entertainers … and together we …

  • Visit Matt Ireland at LightSwitchFX

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    Bumped into a new resource for LightSwitch information. This came care of a tweet from Michael Washington at LightSwitch Help Website. Check out the Matt Ireland‘s LightSwitchFX blog. I will definitely be putting the Rolodex Index Style Filter to use. Thanks Matt! I look forward to seeing more of your articles. Cheers.  

  • Branching a Project in TFS

    Posted Jul 10th, 2012 By in ForFeedOne, LightSwitch With | No Comments Branching a Project in TFS

    With the many LightSwitch demo’s and examples I throw out there, I usually have a go-to LightSwitch application that I use.  To keep the integrity of my “original” source project, I leverage branching feature on TFS to help me keep a clean copy of my projects. Here is how I do this…

  • MVP Award Thank You!

    Posted Apr 2nd, 2012 By in .Net Development, ForFeedOne, LightSwitch, Miscellaneous, Technology With | No Comments MVP Award Thank You!

    Awe, Shucks! This weekend I received an email indicating that I have received a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) award.  This is awesome!

  • Add Granularity to Reference Data

    Posted Feb 9th, 2012 By in LightSwitch With | No Comments Add Granularity to Reference Data

    A nifty little feature that the A Little Productivity application includes is the ability to add granularity to the information about the costs that get applied to quotes and jobs. This article demonstrates a simple little technique for creating composite reference data. 

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